Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Canon 5D camera giveway

This website is giving a Canon 5D away.
I would LOVE that fancy (pretend I said that like FAWNCY) camera. It would take a while to learn the coolness of it, but it would really help me take much better pictures! Which would mean more pictures to scrap.
The website is actually for camera bags that look really cool too. If I won the camera I would definitely need one of those bags. :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Daily Downloads

Have you been following the Daily Downloads on Sarah Bennetts CT Blog?

Well you better be now. My turn is tomorrow. Seeing as it's my first time, I've been kind of nervous! But'll be ok, is what I keep telling myself.

Don't forget to check it out >>>HERE<<<

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Merry and Bright pages

I finally got some Merry and Bright Pages done. I really love this kit, I see myself using it for lots of things.

We love going to Dovewood Court to see the Christmas lights here in town. If you want you can go to my personal family blog to see a video of my 2 year old dancing. She's so darn cute!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm getting pages done!

So excited to be getting pages done.
Four more done, only 5,420,397 more.
HA Ha Ha!
All these pages are done using Sarah Bennett Kits. and Templates. Did I mention I love templates? :)

Old Time Christmas and Template by Sarah Bennett

Funky Sampler Kit by Sarah Bennett
Template by Aaviso

Sister Sue by Sarah Bennett
Scribbly Alpha Sarah Bennett
Template by sclingerman

Pretty Little Lady by Sarah Bennett
template by SeattleSherri

Monday, December 7, 2009

Merry And Bright!

Sarah Bennet has a new kit out and Funnky Playground Design.
It's call Merry and Bright and I just love the colors. I hope to get a page done with it today, but I had to come share how cute it is.

You may want to check out her Blog HERE too (hint hint!)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Blog Kick Off, New Kit all Sarah Bennett!

Today is the first day of 15 days of Freebies by Sarah Bennett's CT. I have the wonderful pleasure of being one of those members. (woo hoo)

Go Check out the CT Blog HERE!

Also, Go check out Sarah's Blog for info on her New Kit "Old Time Christmas." It has so many elements, you'll be blown away. And it has an antique, er OLD TIME feel to it, Dontcha think?

She's a guest designer at Scrap Matters this month, which is AWESOME! So go check out her blog, I think there's coupon for the kit there too. (hint hint)

Here's what I did with it.

Oh and I'm working on so many pages right now. Like I said the other day, there are templates galore available this month so it's just so easy to get pages done for me. If only I could finish them. Darn work and kids getting in the way. :-P
Hopefully I'll be back with more.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yeah for Templates

I love templates. It makes doing pages so much easier because my brain works a little less. And I don't even care that it's not my own idea. It's about getting the pictures on pages so I can remember the event, Right?

Anyway, I used Li's Template from Template Tuesday at Scrap Matters for this one.

I also used World Traveler kit by Sarah Bennett and Haynay which is available at Funky Playground Design. There are so many cute elements in this kit, but I just used a few. I really like the colors of it!

FPD also has a free template a day all month.
Here's the Dec 1 template. I used Home Sweet Home by Sarah Bennet's CT (I was on maternity leave while the lovely ladies created this kit, but am so glad I'm able to use it now).

I've got two more in the works, but may not get them up today.